Happy New {SCHOOL} Year!

Happy new {{{SCHOOL}}} year!!!

Like every year I have tons of resolutions....exercise regularly, do more of what I like to do, go camping (like that's gonna happen LOL!) . reach out to long time friends that I haven't see in a long time, eat healthier.....well, these resolutions are not the ones I am talking about.

For us teachers, back to school is equivalent to a brand new year, well, it is! Like with any resolutions we do for the new year, I have some resolutions of my own for this new school year. The only difference is that I really DO stick to these ones ;)

My resolutions is based on my previous year's performance and areas I feel I could have done better. I have a list, yes, a looooong list. But the ones that I consider most important for my students and for me as their teacher are:

1. Don't sweat the small things.

I am learning and I think I have let go of so many small things that at the end of the day, are not important. I have learned to pick my battles and enjoy the moment. What if my student spilled blue paint on my brand new jeans....well, we use washable paint, right?! What if my students did not close the play dough tub and we just made it yesterday, well, we can always make more.

2. Sit down and eat my lunch.

Oh, that's a biggie! This school year's schedule has increased my lunch break 15 more minutes....yay!!! It is my intention to sit down and eat for at least 20 minutes. I can answer emails and get other things done later, or tomorrow! No more running around with half my sandwich in my mouth while I try to find a specific paper :)

3. Communicate openly with my team.

Another change that we will have this year is the wonderful addition of instructional assistants. Our team is growing, from a team teaching classroom, now we will have to work with a team of 5 extra people - two instructional assistants, one student attendant, speech therapist and the special education teacher. I consider to be very important to sit down and discuss the team's goals and expectations; having a clear goal will save us misunderstandings and other issues along the way. All for the kiddos sake and benefit!

Besides these three new year's resolutions I always intend to: smile more, drink more water, make memorable experiences for each one of my students, get to know my families better, enjoy each day in the classroom (or PLCs!), learn something everyday, and last but not least......relax and enjoy the ride!

What resolutions do you have for the new year? Share with us!

Keep learning!


Alphabet Spinners + ASL!....and a FREEBIE!

Hello PKP fans,

I was in the search for a more interactive way to continue developing letter recognition with young children. I am very aware how easily they get bored when they have to complete a worksheet for homework.

And that was when this product was born - Alphabet Spinners + ASL!

I was looking for an alternative to "just writing". This alphabet spinner helps students with fine motor skills and fine motor skills development. It also tackles math skills such as graphing, counting, comparing and contrasting.

This lovely assistant was helping me getting this product ready and testing it out. She was loving it! She was saying that uppercase "G" had two more colors than the "G" in ASL, and the "g" had one more than ASL and 1 less than uppercase. All of those observations in only one activity.
Grab your Alphabet Spinners {{HERE}}.
{{{For a limited time}}}

I am thinking to create another spinner activity with sight works and numbers....stay tuned!

Keep learning....and spinning!


Teacher Week: What, What?!.....FREEBIE!

Finally Friday!

Teachers usually have a favorite subject or skill to teach. In my case, for upper grades, I love to teach math; for my little kiddos in Pre-K I truly enjoy to teach language, literacy and letter recognition.

Each day on my classroom we have a learning center, rotations, or a letter recognition activity. I have found very important to also incorporate music and motions to reach all of my little learners; and know I am super excited to be able to incorporate American Sign Language as well!!!. I have created several products to assist me in this area.

You can get this product 3-piece Early Literacy Puzzle

Because my students love to sound it and color it! You can download it {{HERE}}.....FREE!!!

I would love to learn WHAT do you love to teach!

I really enjoyed this week. Loved learning about all of you wonderful teacher blogger this week.

Keep learning!


Teacher Week: When Thursday

Hi PKP fans,

I am loving this Blog Hoppin' linky! I have learned so many tips and tricks that I will definitely try to implement in my own classroom - and I hope that I have inspire someone out there with my tips and this wonderful teaching journey.

This post is all about when do we teacher what we need to teach. Here's a little background of my Pre-K program. I teach a half day Pre-K program, 3 hours a day, five days a week to 20 students. When my class go home we get ready to receive our afternoon class, which attends school four-days a week for 3.5 hours each day. Fridays afternoon is for meetings with parents, conferences, training, and planning. 

Our half day program is filled with activities, explorations, play, discoveries and laughter. My day looks like this:

Here's my lesson plan for our first week using this curriculum. Big experiences change each day based on the targeted goals and objectives we have for our students. It varies from social-emotional, math and science, alphabet knowledge to a take-home craft and many others each week.
The daily schedule above is an overview of our day. Of course, it may change depending on the students' interests and needs.

This three hours go by quite fast. We are so engaged and busy learning, playing and exploring that when you look at the clock, its time to go home.

Do you like my lesson plan format? 
You may get it {{HERE}}!!!

Thursday is done! 
Tomorrow you will learn what I love to teach 
and come back for a sweet FREEBIE!

Keep learning!


Teacher Week: Why Wednesday

Why Wednesday!

And we continue to link with Blog Hoppin' this week.

Today's post will be about organizational tips and WHY those tips work for me. I would like to share with you three tips that have worked and have made my life easier.

My first organization tip: The Crates. This cute and bright crate is the perfect little place to house my students' writing journals. It is small, portable, durable and....its pink!
WHY??? This organization system works great because the students know where to find their journal and where to put them back when they are finished!

Second tip: Data collection folder! I'm very excited for these babies. I have created 4 folders, one for each of my small groups and assessment periods. The main purpose of these folders is for my and my teacher assistants to be able to collect the students' data all in one place.
WHY??? This will definitely make my life a lot easier when its time to grade and score my students assessments.
This a view of the inside of the folder. Each folder has 4 sections with 5 color-coded index cards on each section. The teachers assistants and I will be able to take notes and anecdotal records while working with their small groups. Each child will have a specific color in which we will write the date and the observation.

This third tip is my favorite! This item is from the kitchen department at Ikea. It is a wonderful utility cart that can house all of your daily supplies for your instruction, assessment folders, crayons, paint, and much more!
WHY??? Because its cute ......and I can place all of my goodies in my utility cart and minimize or even eliminate the time I spend looking for my things all over the classroom. I can anticipate this tip to make me more efficient work smarter, not harder!

Wednesday is done! I really need to do some serious stalking looking into the other teachers' organization tip to start this school year organized!

Come back again tomorrow to learn about my daily schedule and grab a lesson plan FREEBIE sample!

Keep learning....and organizing!


Teacher Week: Where, oh Where?

It's Tuesday on Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week linky!

Where, oh where!

Do you want to know where do I teach....do you really want to know?!?! I teach in Chula Vista, CA. Our school district follows an all-year round schedule, which I L-O-V-E! We have fall, winter and spring break.

We serve a mostly Spanish speaking population. My families last year were amazing! They were all very helpful, involved, and supportive of what we did in the classroom as well at home with their children.

Like I mentioned before, my school district had started almost a month ago, but no me! I am still on summer break for two more weeks. My school site is under a well-deserved M-A-S-S-I-V-E modernization! Here's the proof:

Well, when my classroom doesn't look like a war zone, it looks like this.....oh, no, another war zone! :)
This was a huge material purchase we just had before the school ended....courtesy of our school district Preschool Office!
I guess that was not a great picture of the classroom. I promise I will post photos once we get settled and entered our modernized school and classrooms!

Tuesday is done!!! I'll see you tomorrow to share some of my organizational tips.

Keep learning!


Teacher Week: Who, Me!?

It's a teacher week linky my friends!

I have linked up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher's Week 2014!

And it's All About Me!
Here I am!

Let's start from the beginning...I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, I attended mostly private schools during my school years. When I was 20, I married my best friend, and 3 days ago we just celebrated our 15 wedding anniversary! And in between.....lots of adventures, experiences, trips, victories, and also a few disappointments and home-sick tears.........two beautiful girls were born, Janelle (12) and Gianna (5).

We moved to San Diego, CA 12 years ago, and we love it! I have been in the early childhood education field for 10 years - 9 of those years were in private schools as a teacher and center director. I am also a local Child Development Newspaper Editor and professional development instructor....and now a blogger!

Last year, was the first year I began teaching in public schools...and I absolutely love it! I was so lucky. I was hired in the same school district our daughters attend, the school site is great with amazing management and awesome co-workers. I taught Spanish Pre-Kindergarten (4-5 years old) last year. This upcoming year, I stay in the same school site, teaching Pre-Kindergarten Bilingual Inclusion program....very excited for that! 

I would like to share with you the Meet the Teacher flyer I have made for my students' families.

Monday is completed! Come back tomorrow to learn about my classroom....this will be a good one!

Keep learning!


Big Day, Big Experiences!

Hello friends,

My school district has adopted a new curriculum......Big Day Pre-K ! Because I am still on summer break I have had the opportunity to read and learn more about our upcoming Big Day.

Big Day is a bilingual curriculum from Scholastic. Big Day for Pre-K is a proven-effective comprehensive early-learning program that embraces children's natural curiosity and encourages the exploration of the world around them. Learn more {{HERE}}.

My favorite part of this curriculum is the Big Experiences. Each day, the children will be exposed to three big experiences throughout their day, accommodated to half and full day Pre-K programs.

The first thing I did was laminate the poster board once I placed the frames (contrast colored) on it.
Then I added a piece of Velcro on the left column (light blue rectangles).

I would change the Big Experience based on my day and write a brief description of the topic to explore that specific day.
Like what you see?
All the Big Experiences cards and Days of the Week....Grab it FREE {{HERE}}
Keep learning...from big experiences!


All About Me Cube

Hi friends,

As I finish up my back to school shopping, I am noticing many stores have started with the Halloween sales.....what?!?!? I have not started my new school year yet and pumpkins, jack o' lanterns and princesses and super heroes costumes are taking over!

Oh, well! This post is to share with you another way to get to know your students and them to get to know you a little bit better.

All About Me Cubes
This soft cubes have interchangeable clear pockets, in which different things can be placed.
You may grab your cards {{HERE}}
Keep learning!


Thank you for your support!

Hello PKP fans,

The TpT Back to School sale was a huge success! I want to thank all of my buyers who support me an support all of the wonderful teachers who participated during this event.

Like you, I work very hard in what I do. I take pride in my work and I strive to provide you a quality product every time.

***Here's the recap of the sale***
These are my purchases...well, some of them! As you can see I have a little problem with clipart and cute graphics. I was afraid I  spend all my profit on clipart :)

My best seller, My EDITABLE Teacher Planner Superheroes Inspired!

To continue showing you my appreciation, 

my best seller will be only $5 (until 8/09)
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Keep learning and supporting teachers!


Back to School Sale on TpT!

Hi PKP fans:

Many of you have been waiting for this....and its finally here, the TpT Back to School Sale - and save 10% more when you enter the CODE: BTS14 at checkout. Isn't this great!

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I just added these amazing EDITABLE teacher planners....just in time for the sale!
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In these planners you will find a place for:
- general information
- usernames and passwords
- schedules
- rosters
- seating charts
- students' information
- students groups
- communication logs
- IEPs information
- monthly calendars
- important dates for each month
- dates to remember
- volunteers information
- special events
- checklists
- long-range planning
- 2 different lesson plan formats
- *DRDP domains and measures (Pre-K teachers)
- teacher reproducible forms: notes, awards, message pages
- meeting notes
- 20+ binder covers
- binder cover inserts for 1 and 1.5 inches
Keep learning...and supporting teachers!