Alphabet Spinners + ASL!....and a FREEBIE!

Hello PKP fans,

I was in the search for a more interactive way to continue developing letter recognition with young children. I am very aware how easily they get bored when they have to complete a worksheet for homework.

And that was when this product was born - Alphabet Spinners + ASL!

I was looking for an alternative to "just writing". This alphabet spinner helps students with fine motor skills and fine motor skills development. It also tackles math skills such as graphing, counting, comparing and contrasting.

This lovely assistant was helping me getting this product ready and testing it out. She was loving it! She was saying that uppercase "G" had two more colors than the "G" in ASL, and the "g" had one more than ASL and 1 less than uppercase. All of those observations in only one activity.
Grab your Alphabet Spinners {{HERE}}.
{{{For a limited time}}}

I am thinking to create another spinner activity with sight works and numbers....stay tuned!

Keep learning....and spinning!

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