Big Day, Big Experiences!

Hello friends,

My school district has adopted a new curriculum......Big Day Pre-K ! Because I am still on summer break I have had the opportunity to read and learn more about our upcoming Big Day.

Big Day is a bilingual curriculum from Scholastic. Big Day for Pre-K is a proven-effective comprehensive early-learning program that embraces children's natural curiosity and encourages the exploration of the world around them. Learn more {{HERE}}.

My favorite part of this curriculum is the Big Experiences. Each day, the children will be exposed to three big experiences throughout their day, accommodated to half and full day Pre-K programs.

The first thing I did was laminate the poster board once I placed the frames (contrast colored) on it.
Then I added a piece of Velcro on the left column (light blue rectangles).

I would change the Big Experience based on my day and write a brief description of the topic to explore that specific day.
Like what you see?
All the Big Experiences cards and Days of the Week....Grab it FREE {{HERE}}
Keep learning...from big experiences!

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