Chalkboard Tins

Hi PKP fans,

As most of us are sharing amazing findings on all social media possible, I want to continue sharing with you my awesome findings. This time I just went to Target for a notebook, would that really be possible, to walk out with just one item.....I don't think so!

As we adventure into the Dollar Section.....which I love, I saw these cute chalkboard tins.

These little treasures will be perfect to store my writing materials: pencils, pens, markers, chalk markers, and many other things as well.

Notice the chalk markers, the best invention since permanent markers, if you ask me! I bought these babies at Michael's (with the 40% discount coupon, of course). The chalk markers are a little pricey but in y opinion, they are worthy. The chalk color is very bright and colorful (the photo doesn't make much justice...sorry!) Once you write on chalkboard surface, the chalk does not rub off or smear, it only goes away with water....amazing!

Keep learning, and keep digging up for treasures!

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