Teacher Week: What, What?!.....FREEBIE!

Finally Friday!

Teachers usually have a favorite subject or skill to teach. In my case, for upper grades, I love to teach math; for my little kiddos in Pre-K I truly enjoy to teach language, literacy and letter recognition.

Each day on my classroom we have a learning center, rotations, or a letter recognition activity. I have found very important to also incorporate music and motions to reach all of my little learners; and know I am super excited to be able to incorporate American Sign Language as well!!!. I have created several products to assist me in this area.

You can get this product 3-piece Early Literacy Puzzle

Because my students love to sound it and color it! You can download it {{HERE}}.....FREE!!!

I would love to learn WHAT do you love to teach!

I really enjoyed this week. Loved learning about all of you wonderful teacher blogger this week.

Keep learning!

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