Teacher Week: When Thursday

Hi PKP fans,

I am loving this Blog Hoppin' linky! I have learned so many tips and tricks that I will definitely try to implement in my own classroom - and I hope that I have inspire someone out there with my tips and this wonderful teaching journey.

This post is all about when do we teacher what we need to teach. Here's a little background of my Pre-K program. I teach a half day Pre-K program, 3 hours a day, five days a week to 20 students. When my class go home we get ready to receive our afternoon class, which attends school four-days a week for 3.5 hours each day. Fridays afternoon is for meetings with parents, conferences, training, and planning. 

Our half day program is filled with activities, explorations, play, discoveries and laughter. My day looks like this:

Here's my lesson plan for our first week using this curriculum. Big experiences change each day based on the targeted goals and objectives we have for our students. It varies from social-emotional, math and science, alphabet knowledge to a take-home craft and many others each week.
The daily schedule above is an overview of our day. Of course, it may change depending on the students' interests and needs.

This three hours go by quite fast. We are so engaged and busy learning, playing and exploring that when you look at the clock, its time to go home.

Do you like my lesson plan format? 
You may get it {{HERE}}!!!

Thursday is done! 
Tomorrow you will learn what I love to teach 
and come back for a sweet FREEBIE!

Keep learning!


  1. I am SUPER excited that I found your blog! I am in LOVE with your colorful lessons plans. Now i want to tweak what mine look like. I will be downloading yours for sure. I am your newest follower.

    1. Hi Jackie, Glad you like the lesson plan format, hope you ya make it work to fit your little ones needs! Thank you for following me....I am following you as well! :)

  2. I love your lesson plan format!! So bright and colorful and organized! Mine is let's just say...not that way right now :) I am enjoying this blog hop as well, so many neat ideas! Since I am teaching kinder I am loving learning more from Pre-K teachers since you have the kiddos first!

    1. Hi Alex John, glad you like the lesson plan format.
      Like you, I also look at kinder blogs ALL THE TIME to make sure they are where they need to be to succeed in kinder.