Teacher Week: Where, oh Where?

It's Tuesday on Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week linky!

Where, oh where!

Do you want to know where do I teach....do you really want to know?!?! I teach in Chula Vista, CA. Our school district follows an all-year round schedule, which I L-O-V-E! We have fall, winter and spring break.

We serve a mostly Spanish speaking population. My families last year were amazing! They were all very helpful, involved, and supportive of what we did in the classroom as well at home with their children.

Like I mentioned before, my school district had started almost a month ago, but no me! I am still on summer break for two more weeks. My school site is under a well-deserved M-A-S-S-I-V-E modernization! Here's the proof:

Well, when my classroom doesn't look like a war zone, it looks like this.....oh, no, another war zone! :)
This was a huge material purchase we just had before the school ended....courtesy of our school district Preschool Office!
I guess that was not a great picture of the classroom. I promise I will post photos once we get settled and entered our modernized school and classrooms!

Tuesday is done!!! I'll see you tomorrow to share some of my organizational tips.

Keep learning!

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