Blending Interactive Books

Hi friends,

It's been a while...I know! The important thing is that I am s.l.o.w.l.y trying to get back to "normal" - whatever my "normal" may be!

This product was designed for all those little ones who are beginning to work with blending sounds and fun ways to introduce it to them.

These interactive books allows your student to RAINBOW WRITE the blend. It's just another excuse fun way to use all of the colors of the crayon box!

The student is also encouraged to write three words with the blend.

Lastly, we draw a picture of one of the words previously written....or not.

Click on the picture to get your interactive books!

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My Friday Favorites!

Hi friends,

Welcome to another Friday Favorites post!

Number five: The San Diego weather! After being in the three-digits for four days this week, we finally had a very nice weather today. High 70s and a cool breeze today was perfect to end this week!

Number four: Brain Breaks! We take several brain breaks during the day. We sing songs, dance, wiggle and even karaoke! .....and the best part, everyone is participating!

Number three in our countdown: Routines are in place! After two short full weeks of school our routines are in place. The students have learned routines to go to recess, bathroom, morning meetings and even cleaning up!

Number two: First Home-School Connection project was a success! Last week I sent home some adorable All About Me paper bag books to complete with their parents and bring back to share in class. Today we had the opportunity to share the books in class!

......and number one: The Funny Things They Say! "If I eat this playdough, a playdough tree will grow in my tummy!

And these were the highlight of my week!

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Peek at my Week: Week #2

Hello PKP fans:

I am linking up again with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten, to share with all of you what is ahead of us this week.

The first weeks back to school are dedicated to our All Aboard: Socio Emotional Curriculum and classroom expectations - which are: being safe, friendly, and respectful. This upcoming week we will be learning about Being Friendly!

Here's my plan:

You may noticed some videos....and that is because we have a handy-dandy Apple TV, and we are loving it! We'll be making GAK, moon sand, introducing charts, and continue to build our classroom community.

This week was also possible thanks to my fellow teacher-blogger Jackie at Pocket of Preschool and her amazing product Problem Solving Techniques.

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Playdough Names


One week into our school year and we have started to work on our names. As we work on name identification, we practiced using playdough.

Using the KG Font: KG Out of Towner, I was able to create these playdough mats for my class. I printed on card stock and then laminated them.

You can download the font {{HERE}} 
and create your own playdough mats.

All of my students worked really hard in completing this task. They were able to identify some of the letters of their names as well produce some of the sounds.

Look at this huge smile! They were very proud of themselves!

This is just the first name activity of the year, more to come!

Keep learning!


My Friday Favorites!

Hi PKP fans,

I can proudly say that my first week back to school is under my belt! This first week was all about getting to know each other and building our classroom community.

So many things happens in our classroom each day. Having to pick a favorite can be kinda hard. I will be sharing with you in just 5 points the highlights of our week!

Here are my five favorites countdown:
My number 5: My students have mastered my quiet and stop signal! YAY!....happy teacher! When the bell rings you must stop what you are doing and place your hands on your head. Mission accomplished!
My number 4: My students are learning everyone's names and the "hey you" has stopped. They have also learned my name as well as my assistants'. This is a great sign for me, it means that they are comfortable in their classroom environment and we are becoming a big family.
On third place we have the participation in class.  Almost....almost every student is participating in class. They are excited to share what they know and they are eager to experience all of the activities we have planned for them. my number 2 for this week! We are loving our brain breaks! From Yo Gabba-Gabba to "What Does the Fox Say?" We dance and sing to everything!
Drum roll....number ONE: I love my teaching team! As I shared with them I was a bit apprehensive to have work with so many adults, but this team is amazing. We are all in for the children's best interest and committed to what we do EVERY DAY!

Keep learning!



Hi PKP fans,

We are half-way our very first week of school. It has been wonderful! I absolutely love my class!

We have been spending these days by learning classroom expectations and routines, and getting to know each other. Getting to know each other involves become familiar with my students needs, therefore IEPs. Because I am teaching an inclusion class, I have several IEPs to keep track of - I have created these forms to help me organize my paperwork and have my team meeting notes in one place.

Click on the image to purchase these forms.

I am so inspired by this of future projects in mind!!

Keep learning!


Peek at my Week: First Week!

Hi PKP fans,

I have linked with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten, to share with you my very first week of planning!

This year I am teaching an Inclusion Bilingual Pre-kindergarten class...very excited about that! The first few weeks are dedicated to teach procedures, and implementing our Socio-Emotional Curriculum: All Aboard. It covers the following topics, I can be Safe, I can be Friendly, and I can be Respectful!

For many of our students, this is the very first school experience, and some of them are only children (so far) and this may be the very first experience with other children their age, therefore these first weeks are very important to set the tone for our school year.

We will be introducing the different learning centers and materials we have available for them and the appropriate way to use them. Clean-up, bathroom, and water signals are being introduced as well table manners during breakfast time.

This week will be all about being safe. Classroom and playground safety routines will be introduced. Scissor, playdough and writing tools' proper usage are also incorporated this week. 

So, here's my plan for the week....TAKE A PEEK!

Have a wonderful week!

Keep learning!


First Day of School

Hi friends,

"There's no tired, like first-week-back-to-school tired"......totally true! In just four days, a wonderful group of people helped unpack 77 boxes, cleaned furniture and toys, organized and put together a beautiful classroom for our new class!

What a difference!!!
Fast forward five days....we received in our classroom an amazing group of excited boys and girls along with their parents for an orientation in which we were able to explain what Pre-Kindergarten is all about.

.....and this was how we received our new families!
And the BIG DAY arrived, our first day of school!!!
Each one of my students had a huge smile on their faces, some of them were scared and some of them did not know what to expect....but it was a wonderful first day!
We painted a classroom mural with the purpose of beginning to develop our classroom community and getting to know each other. Many conversations happened during this activity and lots of giggles and smiles!

After eating breakfast, reading a couple of welcome-back-to-school books, we headed to our favorite place in the world....according to one of my kiddos.....the playground!
We played with sand, rode our tricycles, drew with chalk, and had a lot of fun!

Looking forward to having an amazing school year!

Keep learning!