First Day of School

Hi friends,

"There's no tired, like first-week-back-to-school tired"......totally true! In just four days, a wonderful group of people helped unpack 77 boxes, cleaned furniture and toys, organized and put together a beautiful classroom for our new class!

What a difference!!!
Fast forward five days....we received in our classroom an amazing group of excited boys and girls along with their parents for an orientation in which we were able to explain what Pre-Kindergarten is all about.

.....and this was how we received our new families!
And the BIG DAY arrived, our first day of school!!!
Each one of my students had a huge smile on their faces, some of them were scared and some of them did not know what to expect....but it was a wonderful first day!
We painted a classroom mural with the purpose of beginning to develop our classroom community and getting to know each other. Many conversations happened during this activity and lots of giggles and smiles!

After eating breakfast, reading a couple of welcome-back-to-school books, we headed to our favorite place in the world....according to one of my kiddos.....the playground!
We played with sand, rode our tricycles, drew with chalk, and had a lot of fun!

Looking forward to having an amazing school year!

Keep learning!

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