My Friday Favorites!

Hi PKP fans,

I can proudly say that my first week back to school is under my belt! This first week was all about getting to know each other and building our classroom community.

So many things happens in our classroom each day. Having to pick a favorite can be kinda hard. I will be sharing with you in just 5 points the highlights of our week!

Here are my five favorites countdown:
My number 5: My students have mastered my quiet and stop signal! YAY!....happy teacher! When the bell rings you must stop what you are doing and place your hands on your head. Mission accomplished!
My number 4: My students are learning everyone's names and the "hey you" has stopped. They have also learned my name as well as my assistants'. This is a great sign for me, it means that they are comfortable in their classroom environment and we are becoming a big family.
On third place we have the participation in class.  Almost....almost every student is participating in class. They are excited to share what they know and they are eager to experience all of the activities we have planned for them. my number 2 for this week! We are loving our brain breaks! From Yo Gabba-Gabba to "What Does the Fox Say?" We dance and sing to everything!
Drum roll....number ONE: I love my teaching team! As I shared with them I was a bit apprehensive to have work with so many adults, but this team is amazing. We are all in for the children's best interest and committed to what we do EVERY DAY!

Keep learning!

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