My Friday Favorites!

Hi friends,

Welcome to another Friday Favorites post!

Number five: The San Diego weather! After being in the three-digits for four days this week, we finally had a very nice weather today. High 70s and a cool breeze today was perfect to end this week!

Number four: Brain Breaks! We take several brain breaks during the day. We sing songs, dance, wiggle and even karaoke! .....and the best part, everyone is participating!

Number three in our countdown: Routines are in place! After two short full weeks of school our routines are in place. The students have learned routines to go to recess, bathroom, morning meetings and even cleaning up!

Number two: First Home-School Connection project was a success! Last week I sent home some adorable All About Me paper bag books to complete with their parents and bring back to share in class. Today we had the opportunity to share the books in class!

......and number one: The Funny Things They Say! "If I eat this playdough, a playdough tree will grow in my tummy!

And these were the highlight of my week!

Keep learning!

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