Peek at my Week: First Week!

Hi PKP fans,

I have linked with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten, to share with you my very first week of planning!

This year I am teaching an Inclusion Bilingual Pre-kindergarten class...very excited about that! The first few weeks are dedicated to teach procedures, and implementing our Socio-Emotional Curriculum: All Aboard. It covers the following topics, I can be Safe, I can be Friendly, and I can be Respectful!

For many of our students, this is the very first school experience, and some of them are only children (so far) and this may be the very first experience with other children their age, therefore these first weeks are very important to set the tone for our school year.

We will be introducing the different learning centers and materials we have available for them and the appropriate way to use them. Clean-up, bathroom, and water signals are being introduced as well table manners during breakfast time.

This week will be all about being safe. Classroom and playground safety routines will be introduced. Scissor, playdough and writing tools' proper usage are also incorporated this week. 

So, here's my plan for the week....TAKE A PEEK!

Have a wonderful week!

Keep learning!

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