Peek at my Week: Week 6 and a FREEBIE!

Hi friends:

I am linking up again with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten, to share with all of you what is ahead of us this week.

...and here it is, a Peek at my Week #6!

As we quickly approach to our second month back, we are focusing on more academic subjects, always reinforcing our socio-emotional curriculum which is to be safe, friendly and respectful!

Monday: One activity my students will love will be the spider web. Working together we will toss a bll of yarn (always holding onto a piece of yarn) until everyone has had a turn. At the end, we will have a spider web.

Tuesday: We will continue with the spiders and looking for letter A. Click on the picture to download your freebie.

I will be gluing or taping a straw right by the water spout with a toy spider ring through. The students will be able to move the spider up and down while they sing the song.

Wednesday: We will starting to have Adapted Physical Education with the Special Day Class - this is always fun for everybody!

Thursday: We will continue to write on our journals.

Friday: One of our favorites, Friday Take-Home, this week will be an art using 10 apple stamps (using pool noodles!).

Enjoy your week!

Keep learning!

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