Spooktacular October Currently!

Hi friends,

Where did the time has gone! October already!?!? officially 12 weeks for Christmas - not that I'm counting! :)

I have linked with the wonderful Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade! 
for October's currently.

LISTENING - to a baseball game background noise. We've had my brother-in-law and my father-in-law visiting from Puerto Rico. Soooo, our TV and our living room has been possessed by sports and boys' stuff (like our 5-year-old says).

LOVING - the support of our family and friends! This past week has been very difficult for our family. Thankfully, we are doing better and better each day. Their support and their love is amazing!

THINKING - about family...near and far. Because the adversity we are going through, family is everything!!! Therefore, we must stick together!

WANTING - the weather is finally cooling off. Barely a few weeks ago we have a heat wave in San Diego that reached the three-digits. Now we are experiencing a nice cool breeze and very nice temperatures.

NEEDING - to be more grateful. Sometimes we complain and complain about what we need and what we lack. Personally, I need to be more grateful for what I have, where I am, and know that everything happens for a reason.

BOOK - my plan book. Well, it's not really a book that I'm reading, but is one of my most important books I have and I have lacked recently. I need to get busy and get to work!

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Keep learning and happy fall!


  1. Hi Janice! I found your blog through the currently link-up and I must say your blog is absolutely adorable! Fall weather and hot chocolate sound amazing! Keep your chin up and hang in there!


    1. Hi Megan! Fall weather is the best, especially in San Diego, CA!

  2. I am certainly not counting down to Christmas - only because Christmas means winter and winter means snow and I don't really like snow! I hope you and your family are finding comfort and strength in one another.

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you for the words of encouragement, I truly appreciate it! In San Diego we have a snow-less winter, we love it!

  3. Your blog is so cute with great ideas and activities. I enjoyed finding you through the Currently link up. I am also working on being more grateful. I hope that you continue to find support for what you are dealing with from your friends and family. Take Care!

    1. Hi Sharon! I did my grad school internship in 3rd grade and loved it! Maybe one day I will go back to upper grades :)