Five for Friday {{11/28/2014}}

Hello friends,

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This week my parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. They are an excellent example of a good relationship and partnership!

 I have been researching for linear calendars. I decided to give it a try using these dollar store pre-made calendars. Stay tuned for my experience using linear calendar ;)

 With the holidays, celebrations and everything in between, 
I always get a little homesick. 

 I just can feel it! After been home for an entire week, 
I can anticipate this happening to me! 
It will be a long week, although I'm excited to see my kiddos again!

Really!? I ate so much turkey this week - before, during and after Thanksgiving!
And let's not get started on desserts ;)

 Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Big Milestones & FREEBIE!

Hi friends,

I woke up today to the wonderful news that I have reached a couple of wonderful milestones! I have reached 200+ FB followers and a HUGE milestone on my TpT Store! This is just amazing!

To show you my gratitude and giving back to you, and I'm gifting these beautiful Holiday Cards to YOU!

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Thank you for your support!


Thankful for PreK

Hello friends,

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Five for Friday {{11/22/2014}}

Hello friends,

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My students had a lot of fun playing some of my childhood favorite games, Perfection!

No matter how "ahead-of-the-game" you'd like to be, there's always something that messes up your plans ;)
At least my lesson plan for the first week of December is ready!

My Girl Scouts and I had a ton of fun during our monthly meeting. 
We made bracelets, one to keep and one for a friend. 
Now we are getting ready for cookie season!

I am happy with everything accomplished this week. Three IEP meetings, fire and emergency drill, Thanksgiving feasts, DRDP due dates, 8 parent teacher conferences, Secret Santa with my team, and Girl Scouts field trip!
It was a successful week!!!
The Thankful for PreK Giveaway will begin tonight! Stay tuned...

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Gobble, Gobble. Gobble!

Hello PKP friends,

Alarm clocks have been officially turned off for the teachers at our school district! We will return to school on December 1st!

This past week we worked on Thanksgiving presents for our families. 

Using the sentence frame "I am thankful for..." the students were drawing pictures or writing what they were thankful for on the turkey's colorful feathers. 
This is my 5-year-old daughter modeling for me and creating her 
own turkey of thanks!

Each feather meant something important for each student. We had lovely messages for the entire family, including pets, friends and teachers.

This was our final product!
I folded a construction paper into a box (not an easy task ;). The idea of this box is for during the Thanksgiving celebration with their families, each family members would write what are they thankful for on a piece of 
paper and place it in the box.

We also did this adorable hand print turkey. We used raffia 
and burlap for this masterpiece.

Happy Thanksgiving!


PreK Partner: Sunday Scoop 11/16/2014

Hello friends,

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Here's the Scoop!

Have a fabulous week!

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All About Pumpkins

Hi friends!

I've been meaning to blog about all of the pumpkin activities we did last month and I kept procrastinating! We sure had tons of fun exploring and investigating the many pumpkins in our pumpkin patch.

Our pumpkin activities began by using snapping cubes and measuring some of the pumpkins we had in our classroom. The students worked together while completing this activity. They also practiced estimation of the cubes needed, and adding and subtracting cubes.

This activity was all about the beginning letter of the students. Under the letters, they would find a photo of a friend whose name begins with the letter. It was very fun to see how they would try to guess who was under the J....when we have 6 students and two teachers with the letter J.

Here's a literacy activity the kiddos loved! Inside a Halloween pumpkin we place the wooden pieces of an alphabet puzzle. The students would the take turns picking out a letter, then we sing and make the letter sound!

This lovely girl use the felt board to make her creation! She used a variety of shapes to make her shape-lantern's face.....and legs!

We ended up our pumpkin activities with our Shape-o-lanterns! The students would use different shapes to make the face (circles, squares, and rectangles). Once they competed their pumpkins they counted the different shapes they used.

Now, we are onto apples!

Keep learning!


Five for Friday {{11/14/2014}}

Hi friends,

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Although this week was short, it was still very busy!

Here are some random things of my week:

I am so proud of receiving this award!
It makes my heart sooooo happy!

On Monday and Tuesday I was sick! I had double ear infection plus sore throat. A day of rest, and a few milk shakes made me feel better;)

Last Sunday, we went to the San Diego Safari Park. The weather was amazing and the view incredible!

This photo was taken two days ago...can't you believe it?! Just a few weeks until Christmas and fall hasn't arrive here yet.
Sorry for all of those folks that are having snow right now!

I'm still not use to this daylight-time change. 
My body is ready to go to bed at 5:00 pm 
and definitely not ready to be up by 5:00 am - but I have no other choice, I must be ready to receive my kiddos at 7:45 am!

How was your week?