Gobble, Gobble. Gobble!

Hello PKP friends,

Alarm clocks have been officially turned off for the teachers at our school district! We will return to school on December 1st!

This past week we worked on Thanksgiving presents for our families. 

Using the sentence frame "I am thankful for..." the students were drawing pictures or writing what they were thankful for on the turkey's colorful feathers. 
This is my 5-year-old daughter modeling for me and creating her 
own turkey of thanks!

Each feather meant something important for each student. We had lovely messages for the entire family, including pets, friends and teachers.

This was our final product!
I folded a construction paper into a box (not an easy task ;). The idea of this box is for during the Thanksgiving celebration with their families, each family members would write what are they thankful for on a piece of 
paper and place it in the box.

We also did this adorable hand print turkey. We used raffia 
and burlap for this masterpiece.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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