Animal Habitats

Happy Monday,

I want to share with you the wonderful habitat projects my students made to study the different animal habitats.

This was a home-school connection project that they did with their parents' assistance.

Aren't these fantastic?!

Keep learning...about animal habitats!


Sunday Scoop: 1/25/2015

Hello people!

Sunday night....again! The teachers' least favorite day of the week (and time!). And it's also time for a linky with The Teaching Trio, for the Sunday Scoop!

Here's the scoop!

- Prep my literacy activities - each week I provide my students with literacy activities to reinforce specific areas of need. Last week we worked on syllables, this week we will work on beginning sounds.
-CPI training - I had a wrong concept of CPI (like many others taking this certification course). I am sure we all will benefit from this course.
-Laundry - I have to fold laundry, because I just can't stand clean laundry sitting in the basket...almost done!

- Watch  movie with the hubby, The Interview.
- Get my nails done - I am in urgent need of getting these under control.

- Blog about the animal habitats my students made last week. Being able to produce, hands-on, a habitat of their choice, really helped make connections and relate better to the my animal habitats we studied.

Have a great week!


Amazing Animals Adventures: Bear Snore On


We have finished our second week of our animals unit. This week we focused on the book Bear Snores On.....such a cute book to study.

We were able to based this book on our literacy and math lessons throughout the week. 

Here's one of my guys playing a math matching game I made. Using the book characters, they had to match it to the number (for those who are still working on number recognition, the cards had circles at the bottom to count and be able to identify the number).

These pretty ladies used the felt pieces of the story's characters to retell the story. 
They also got creative and were making up stories of their own!

All of these fantastic Bear Snores On printable are from 3 Dinosaurs!

These are some examples of Bear in his cave creations.
Creativity played a huge factor in this creations. Leaves and twigs were used to create part of the woods and to cover Bear's cave.

Here's a recopilation of everyone's hard work!

Keep learning!


Five for Friday {{1/23/2015}}

Hello friends!

I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!  Click here and join the fun!

Today, I attended the first part of a two-day training on Crisis Prevention Intervention.
It has really opened my eyes to many things I didn't consider before.
Looking forward to day two!

I finally received my caterpillars for our insects unit! 
I'm sure my kiddos will be super excited!

100th day of school came and went! 
This is my daughter's representation of her 100th day of school.

Girl Scouts Cookie Season starts this Sunday!
Please support your local Girl Scouts!
I lead a Daisy Troop and the girls are super excited to start selling cookies :)

Just putting everything into perspective....


Five for Friday {{1/16/2015}}

Good evening my friends!

I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! Click here and join the fun!

It feels amazing to turn off your alarm and get to sleep least a little bit!

This is the funniest thing EVER! 
I get home one day and our 5-year-old is writing house rules - all directed to dad! Something must've happened!

I am super excited to have left everything prepared for next week and truly enjoy our 3-day weekend!

My kiddos are really enjoying pretending to be veterinarians and taking care of animals while we learn about animals this month.

There goes my New Year's Resolution!

Hope you had a great week!


All About Animals

Hello friends,

Are you ready for your well-deserved three-day weekend? I am definitely ready!

This week we began one of my favorite units to teach, Amazing Animals! The first week was about animals in general. We discussed the proper animal names after reading Is Your Mama a Llama?

So here's a recap of our amazing week!

We started our week with a KWL chart. My students had an opportunity to discuss what they know about animals and what they want to know.

Our dramatic play area was transformed into a Veterinarian Center. Our very popular area has hamsters, snakes, caterpillars, Dolphins, monkeys, bears, mice and stingrays. 

Printables and Pet Vet materials Here.

Our in-training veterinarians make sure all of our animals are 
healthy and happy!

During small groups this week we learned about animals that are in the sea, land and air. They classified the animals in the correspondent area.

This was one of the week's favorite activities. The students would pick a wooden anima cutout to trace. Then they cut and color their animal.

How was your week?

Keep learning!