All About Animals

Hello friends,

Are you ready for your well-deserved three-day weekend? I am definitely ready!

This week we began one of my favorite units to teach, Amazing Animals! The first week was about animals in general. We discussed the proper animal names after reading Is Your Mama a Llama?

So here's a recap of our amazing week!

We started our week with a KWL chart. My students had an opportunity to discuss what they know about animals and what they want to know.

Our dramatic play area was transformed into a Veterinarian Center. Our very popular area has hamsters, snakes, caterpillars, Dolphins, monkeys, bears, mice and stingrays. 

Printables and Pet Vet materials Here.

Our in-training veterinarians make sure all of our animals are 
healthy and happy!

During small groups this week we learned about animals that are in the sea, land and air. They classified the animals in the correspondent area.

This was one of the week's favorite activities. The students would pick a wooden anima cutout to trace. Then they cut and color their animal.

How was your week?

Keep learning!


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