Amazing Animals Adventures: Bear Snore On


We have finished our second week of our animals unit. This week we focused on the book Bear Snores On.....such a cute book to study.

We were able to based this book on our literacy and math lessons throughout the week. 

Here's one of my guys playing a math matching game I made. Using the book characters, they had to match it to the number (for those who are still working on number recognition, the cards had circles at the bottom to count and be able to identify the number).

These pretty ladies used the felt pieces of the story's characters to retell the story. 
They also got creative and were making up stories of their own!

All of these fantastic Bear Snores On printable are from 3 Dinosaurs!

These are some examples of Bear in his cave creations.
Creativity played a huge factor in this creations. Leaves and twigs were used to create part of the woods and to cover Bear's cave.

Here's a recopilation of everyone's hard work!

Keep learning!

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