Five for Friday {{2/13/2015}}

Happy Friday the 13th!

February has been super busy for PreK Partner! I have missed this month's Currently, a couple of Five for Fridays and a couple of Sundays Scoops among other fun things happening this month :(

So, for this Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday link I go!

With my Girl Scouts, we celebrated Valentine's Day last week. My girls created a graham crackers "love shack". They decorated their houses with conversation hearts, gumdrops, jelly beans and heart-shaped candies. I truly enjoy the time I spend with my Girl Scouts and their families!

In class we learned about different animals life cycles, one of them was the chicken's. We accompanied this lesson with the book "Dora's Eggs" which my kiddos LOVED, especially the chicken puppet! During my small group instruction, the students drew a picture about the story in their journals.

As we continued to learn about life cycles, I ordered some caterpillars to watch them grow and transform in front of our eyes! 

On Monday I was evaluated for ECERS, and my co-teacher was evaluated the day after. This Scale consists of 43 items organized into 7 subscales: 
Space and Furnishings
                                         Personal Care Routines
                                            Program Structure
                                             Parents and Staff

To learn more, click HERE!

To end this fabulous week, we had our classroom's Valentine's Day celebration! The kiddos exchanged cards, played some games, learned a Valentine's song and participated in our school's Jump up for Heart of the American Heart Association. All of that in 3 hours!

This was their parents' present. On a small clay pot, we placed half of a styrofoam ball, shredded paper and a heart stick (purchased at the dollar store), and two adorable photos clipped with colorful clothespins.

Keep learning and Happy Valentine's Weekend!

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