And the winner is....

Hello there!

It feels amazing the support I have received during this birthday giveaway! After hundreds and hundreds of entries I am proud to present the lucky winner!

And the winner is...

Kathy, you are the lucky winner!
Hop over to our blogs and TpT stores to select your prizes.
Email me to send your way the wonderful Crayola box filled with goodies and to email you the fabulous prizes.

Special thanks to all of you who participated and supported this group of teachers along the way!

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PreK Partner Birthday Giveaway!!!

Hello friends,

The day is almost here!!!

I am so thankful for each one of my followers and for all the people who have trusted and supported me in this journey!.

PreK Partner recently turned 2! Hope the terrible twos won't be so difficult! LOL!

To show my appreciation and gratitude I would like to give away to one of my wonderful followers all of these prizes!

Thank you again!  Janice

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Happy Birthday to PreK Partner

Hello friends,

Two years ago I decided to record my experiences as a teacher and PreK partner was born. Today I truly enjoy sharing my ideas and experiences with all of you.

Some fantastic and generous bloggers and CRAYOLA are joining me for this celebration with a GIVEWAY!

This is the biggest event I have hosted....and can't wait to start!
The giveaway will go live on March, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29!


Colorful Eggs and Beginning Sounds

Hello friends,

My students are very interested in beginning sounds. They are asking me all the time what's the beginning sound of words they hear, items in the classroom and basically all items in their environment.

To keep the Dr. Seuss' festivities in our classroom and providing extra beginning sound practice, I created this game scaffolding for my advanced students as well.

The green set of eggs targets my advanced students. Without matching colors, they would have to open the eggs and match the picture and the beginning sound letter.

The colorful set has 6 pairs of eggs. This set would be easier to identify the beginning sounds while matching the eggs colors.

Once they opened the pair of eggs, they were encouraged to say the picture, letter name, and letter sound. This little activity has been able to assist me for assessments as well.

Keep learning!


Our week in charts

Happy Saturday!

This week we had lots of fun with Dr. Seuss and his book characters! We started off the week reading The Cat in the Hat. At the end of the story I asked my students to describe the cat and what he did. 

Here are their answers!

On Monday the students were encouraged to wear stripes. We identify patterns in our outfits and in our environment.

On Tuesday we wore mismatched socks!

Here are my girls in action.

By Wednesday, my students were asking me for the chart and where should the write their names. They got the concept pretty quickly!
And on Wednesday, we wore green - one of my favorite colors!

On Thursday we wore crazy hats! And we all did!

At the end of each day, we reviewed the chart for that day, counted how many students were in the YES and NO columns, and identified which group had more and less.

Keep learning!


No Worksheet Wednesday - W1

Hello friends!

I have always felt very passionate about avoiding worksheets in Pre-K! There's so much you can do without dittos. I am joining forces with The Primary Chalkboard for the Wednesday Linky Party for March.

I have also vowed not to use a single worksheet or printable on Wednesdays during the month of March.

Here's my worksheet-free activity for this first Wednesday. Using the apple chant from Pinterest, we linked the Dr. Seuss book "Ten Apples up on Top" we practiced letter names and sounds.

These cute apples were created out of felt. The apple bags were a super-duper steal from Target, 30 cents each one!

During our small group instruction we repeated the chant and took turns picking out apples. In a group of 6 students, we were able to go around three times without losing interest or become restless. This show my kiddos are becoming ready for kindergarten!

I can't wait to check out with other teacher bloggers to see all of the worksheet-free ideas they come up with. 

Keep learning!


Currently: March!

Hi friends,

March, my favorite month of the year! I have linked with the wonderful Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the third Currently of the year!

Love the green color of the Currently! I must've been a leprechaun in another life LOL! 

Join the link to see what's everybody is up to this month!

Keep learning!


Peek at my Week: Dr. Seuss' Week!

Hi friends:

I am linking up again with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten, to share with all of you what is ahead of us this week.

This is our last week of our unit "Imagine It, Make It" and we're going to end it with a BANG!
The Dr. Seuss' books have a special meaning to me. Being a ELL student growing up myself, I learned English with all of his books. Later this week I will be blogging about my very own collection of Dr. Seuss' books that are close to be 30-years-old! No need to start doing math now ;)

This week is all about early literacy for our students and continue to strengthen letter sounds and recognition skills, counting, patterning, and measuring using non-conventional items - such as apples with the book "10 Apples up on Top"

Well, gotta go find a striped shirt for tomorrow!

Keep learning and reading!