Peek at my Week: Dr. Seuss' Week!

Hi friends:

I am linking up again with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten, to share with all of you what is ahead of us this week.

This is our last week of our unit "Imagine It, Make It" and we're going to end it with a BANG!
The Dr. Seuss' books have a special meaning to me. Being a ELL student growing up myself, I learned English with all of his books. Later this week I will be blogging about my very own collection of Dr. Seuss' books that are close to be 30-years-old! No need to start doing math now ;)

This week is all about early literacy for our students and continue to strengthen letter sounds and recognition skills, counting, patterning, and measuring using non-conventional items - such as apples with the book "10 Apples up on Top"

Well, gotta go find a striped shirt for tomorrow!

Keep learning and reading!

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