Seeds and plants

Hello friends,

Spring has finally arrived! As part of our lesson on seeds and plants - with the help of our SDC friends we have created a beautiful garden in our very own playground.

The garden has tomatoes...


and different kind of beans.

We took turns watering the garden each day. 

This project has been helping my students learn where do our fruits and vegetables come from - and the proper way to take care of it.

The students also planted beans and and will take home next week.

While we were learning about the seed life cycle, we studied how do seeds sprout. and created Sprout Houses. We are observing and recording our observation in our journal.

Here are our sprout houses!

Keep learning!


  1. Your garden looks great! I would love to do this with my kids, but school is practically over by the time our growing season starts. What do you have in your sprout houses?

    1. Hi there! We have regular pinto beans in our sprout houses. They began sprouting on day 3!