Sunday Scoop: 5/31/15

Hello friends,

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Here's the Scoop

- Prep lesson plans for my sub. Both our daughters are graduating: kindergarten and middle school! Where did the time go?! Luckily, I have a wonderful substitute teacher and she is amazing! She knows all of my students names by name and they love her as well!
- Late spring cleaning. Not my favorite but it's something that needs to be done.
- Laundry and more laundry. I just wonder why we generate so much dirty laundry....this never ends ;)

- Get some work done for our end-of-the-year celebration. It's three-weeks away but there's so many details we need to get done.
- I just received in the mail my brand new planner and I can't wait to get my hands on it and start planning away!!!

- Spend a relaxing day at the park with the family. We will load the car with bikes, scooters, balls, and some snacks for the day and ready to enjoy this beautiful weather.

Keep learning!


Saturday Spotlight!

Happy Saturday!

I am linking up today - for the very first time! with Kindergarten Dragons in her weekly linky party Spotlight Saturday!

This linky is all about highlighting amazing TpT products and clever ideas! Today I would like to highlight a product we constantly use in my classroom (and in many classrooms as well ;)

My Editable Name Practice allows young learners to READ their names, WRITE it, and MAKE it! It is editable and customizable for boys and girls. The template can also be used for vocabulary/spelling words!!! 

I am highlighting this product because this has helped many students to write their names, identify it, and be able to spell it as well. I have also received so many wonderful reviews about this product!

Keep learning!


Compound Words

Hi PKP fans,

The last weeks of school we are focusing on compound words and the ability to identify the two words in a compound word.

Our lesson was focused on hand movements (left and right) and clapping for compound words - addressing all of my different types of learners in my classroom.

During small group instruction, the students read the individual words in the front of their booklets and come up with the compound word, and here it is!

Keep learning,


Journaling in PreK

Hello there!

Journaling in my classroom has been something my students and I look forward to! Since the beginning of the school year we have been journaling weekly; on many different topics. Modeling the proper way to use and take care of the journals each time we used them.

Now that my kiddos are more mature and have learned the correct ways to take care of their own journals - they are able to use them on their own and draw and write about topics they would like - during centers' time.

I have created a system a system that makes it easy finding their own journals. They journals are in a small crate, perfect for 20 small notebooks. Each journal has a sticker on its spine, green, orange and pink - these colors represent the group they belong. At this point, they know which group they belong - for those little ones who forget - the crate has an index card with the names under the color groups. They would look for their name and look for their color group. 

Here are my kiddos in action!

Once they have finished using their journals, they know how to out them away in the crate. They put all of the same colors together back in the crate.

Keep learning and journaling!


Currently: May!

Hi friends,

May, I love May....the anticipation of the summer off, family trips, water activities and sleeping inI have linked with the wonderful Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the fifth Currently of the year!

Saturday mornings are usually really easy at the Galarza's headquarters. We wake up and watch a little TV before starting our go-with-the-flow day (unless we have Girl Scouts events planned). So...I think I can hear some superheroes show on TV....not sure :l

My new school site placement assignment. After two years in my current school site, I will be changing sites. I'm going back to where all started! This site was where I did my Masters degree internship three years ago...I'm very excited for this opportunity.

We all just can't stop thinking about our new home! Very exciting time in our household right now!

Mother's Day is around the corner, and I would like to be surprised! This year there is nothing specific I'd like, so a surprise would be nice!

With only 33 instructional days left, my kiddos have started become excited for the summer and some are forgetting to follow classroom expectations....lots of reinforcements and modeling expected behavior.
Let's finish strong!

SUMMER 2015...
This will be a short summer for me - only 4 weeks! We have lots of plans for this magical time. We plan to go to Vegas for the TpT conference, go camping, create and update my TpT store, do a couple of family trips and just have a fun time together.

Join the link to see what's everybody is up to this month!

Keep learning,


Beginning Sounds and Mystery Names

Hi there!

As we wrap up the school year and Kindergarten is fast approaching for my kiddos, we are practicing letter identification, sounds, and beginning sounds at.all.times!

In our most recent beginning sound activity we practiced with common objects and then with our own names!

In this activity, the students write below the beginning letter sound of the pictures they had. After, they were encouraged to sound out the letters written and read the word.

My students LOVED discovering the mystery of the secret names!

The students needed to sound out the pictures on the paper. The wrote the beginning sound of each picture below and read the mystery word.

Now, we are onto blending sounds!

Keep learning!