Journaling in PreK

Hello there!

Journaling in my classroom has been something my students and I look forward to! Since the beginning of the school year we have been journaling weekly; on many different topics. Modeling the proper way to use and take care of the journals each time we used them.

Now that my kiddos are more mature and have learned the correct ways to take care of their own journals - they are able to use them on their own and draw and write about topics they would like - during centers' time.

I have created a system a system that makes it easy finding their own journals. They journals are in a small crate, perfect for 20 small notebooks. Each journal has a sticker on its spine, green, orange and pink - these colors represent the group they belong. At this point, they know which group they belong - for those little ones who forget - the crate has an index card with the names under the color groups. They would look for their name and look for their color group. 

Here are my kiddos in action!

Once they have finished using their journals, they know how to out them away in the crate. They put all of the same colors together back in the crate.

Keep learning and journaling!

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