Feeling the Teacher Blues :(

Hello there!

Today is my last day of school! Yesterday we said goodbye to our students and today is our day to organize and leave the classroom ready  (as much as possible) for the following year.

Yesterday was a bittersweet day! After being with my students  for almost a year, they had to go....hey! that was the plan, right?!

As I entered my classroom today, it was empty and quiet - very unusual for me! I will sure miss their laughter, their smiles, their uniquenesses, and just being with them. I just hope I get to run into each one of them at the store on a regular basis ;)

Each one of them grew in every way possible! They became wiser, aware of their amazing abilities, independent, willing to try new things, and caring for others - which makes me incredible proud!

I want to take this opportunity to THANK to each one of my students' parents, and relatives for the support and dedication throughout this school year. YOU made a difference in their lives. YOU are their first teacher, I was just here to guide them and support them.

I wish you the best and your future is bright!

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