Five for Friday {{6/12/2015}}

Happy-almost-summer-break Friday!

June has been super busy for PreK Partner! With graduations, promotions, end-of-year celebrations and making sure everything is squared-away to close this school year - we've been BUSY!

So, for this Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday linky I go!

This photo {selfie} was taken right after my daughter's middle school graduation. My dear friend Alma, is taking a selfie with her to celebrate the occasion! She has become family, and I appreciate all she has done for my girls!

This is just a random picture of us running errands around town.

Some of you are aware we just purchased a new home. And I am extremely excited to be having some office space.....just for me! 
There are sooo many options and ideas out there, it's very hard to decide. But I think I will chose something like a table desk to be able to cut and laminate freely! I know....#teacherproblems
Like the picture on the right side says....I'll be just moving the stuff from my dining room table to the office ;)

My kiddos are into knock, knock jokes lately....and those are hilarious, cute, and many others do not make any sense!
Here's one: knock, knock....who's there?
A frozen puppy.
A frozen puppy who?
A puppy slushie!

I've left the best for last! The children I took under my mother hen wing a year ago! I took care of them, cleaned their scrapped knees and tears, celebrated their victories, celebrated their uniquenesses, and truly enjoyed their company.
The good news are each one of them are ready for their next step in their lives.
The sad news is that I only have 12 more hours with them.

Keep learning!

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