Back to School Teacher Jitters


The excitement you feel in your stomach anticipating an event such as back to school, is what I call jitters! Like the students, teachers also feel nervous for back to school. We try to have all of our school supplies - felt markers, smelly markers, awesome teacher planner, matching teacher bag, and favorite pens ready the night before. Like the students, we have picked a new or favorite outfit for that very important day, along with shoes, and accessories. All this preparation ease the jitters a bit, but doesn't go away.

I remember when I packed and repacked my backpack with all of my supplies and 8+ notebooks and textbooks - yeah, my backpack weighted almost as I did back then! I sharpened each one of my pencils and made sure each one of my pens worked just fine. My school uniform was ironed and pressed - raised in Catholic schools - our white shirts must be starched and crisp. The skirts length had to be just perfect - not an inch shorter or an inch longer. The black Mary-Jane shoes needed to be polished and shiny. The girls earrings not to go below the many details! 

The jitters from the night before the first day of school were unbelievable, in a wonderful way! I have always loved school, and school made me happy.....still does!

I am very excited for this upcoming school year; new teacher, new team, and of course new students! I know these first couple of weeks will be challenging. But I'm really looking forward to starting!

My first day back is on Monday and students will attend on Wednesday. That first day is orientation day with the parents. During orientation, we discuss our classroom management techniques, drop off and pick up procedures, and all of the housekeeping items to have a successful year.

I want that first encounter with my new kiddos to be "magical". After doing my famous scavenger hunt, read more HERE, we will explore our Magic Playdough.

The Magic Playdough consists of an illusion that I want to create in my students for the new school year (first school experience for many of them).

These are the play dough ingredients. Combine all the ingredients in a medium size saucepan on medium heat. Stir until you have the desired consistency.

I used gel food coloring, but any food coloring will do. Add about 4-6 drops of coloring.

Here are the labels for your Magic Playdough.

Keep learning and have a magical back to school day!

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