Summer is {almost} over :(

Hello there PKP friends,

This summer break went by super fast. Because my school site went through a modernization process last summer, we had a modified schedule, therefore our summer break was only 4 weeks. And this is how my break went: first week: unwind and relax; second week: water parks, movies, and shopping; third week: Las Vegas!; and my fourth week - starting tomorrow: trainings, B2S shopping, hair appointments, and more shopping. That was it! Over!

Well, it's not quantity, it's quality! Well, I would have liked a bit more of quantity ;) I am super excited to start this new school year though. Like I have shared before, I will be co-teaching with a wonderful teacher....can't wait!

As I realized I only have 4 more vacation days, I decided to organize my before was a mess! I archived all the documents, flyers, and lessons I did for last school year. I also organized my clipart.....can you believe I own over 400 files....yikes! Thank you TpT!!! So, I created this wonderful and sparkly background organizer.

Here's an organizer for you! Click HERE!

Download it, and place it on a ppt page. Edit the heading to fit your needs; I have my lesson plans, clipart (of course!), conferences, etc. Save it as PNG, and install it on your computer!

Keep learning!

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