Classroom Reveal!

Hello there!

I am super excited to show you all our PreK classroom! This beautiful room is visited by 44 students each day (24 in the morning session and 20 in the afternoon). And here we go!

Let's start with a view from our playground door. In here you can see our art and creative area and play dough , in the back we have our most popular - dramatic play area, followed by our meeting area.

This is the view from our main door (where I should have started....oh well) The first thing you see is the classroom library - we rotate books according to the theme we are studying at the moment. Math on the right side; manipulative area in the back shelf, and computers and writing area on the back wall.

This large group area serves as the space for block play and construction when it's learning centers time. Each student sits on a specific leaf, the teacher sits on the tree trunk

This is our science corner. It houses the sensory table - which we also have available sensory items based on the theme we are studying.

This is the social-emotional area. When a child is sad or is having a behavior challenge, the child is encouraged to visit this area. In here we have books for different situations such as following instructions, sharing, making friends, and classroom expectations books. In here you can also find mirrors to help students see themselves in different situations.
Besides books we have sand timers - these help the students learn to take and wait for turns, as well regulate behavior. Cuddly pillows and stuffed animals are also available to comfort when feeling sad.
This area helps tremendously when a child is feeling sad, misses their parents, or upset by any reason.  This area is used throughout the school year, but mostly at the beginning of the school year and upon returning extended breaks.

Owen Blanket Activity

Hello there!

We are about to finish our fourth week of school and first week of our Big Day PreK curriculum. One of the books for our first week is Owen

I'm sure you all know this cute yellow, fuzzy blanket story. Well, my kiddos loved this story. Many of them related as they talked about their special blanket or cuddly they have at home.

After reading the story, I brought three different kinds of blankets into the classroom and laid them in the middle of our circle. Each blanket had a different color, size, texture, and feeling to it.

The students had opportunities to use their imagination and use the blankets in an unusual way - just like Owen did in the story. 

We closed our large group activity by having a "picnic at the park" with some friends!
Later during the day, the blankets were available to continue using their imagination. A group of boys were pretending to be giant rocks they had to step on to avoid the hot lava!
In here, they were turtles inside their shells.
This a great way to start with our Big Day Prek curriculum. We plan to end our week by having a pretend picnic/tea party under our playground tree!

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Photo Schedule

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Here's my contribution! I will bring you today our classroom photo schedule. This is a critical part of our daily routine. My kiddos know what we're doing and what we'll do next. Consistency, routine, and high expectations are key to a successful program.

We provide a school district, three-hour HIGH QUALITY program! Those three hours are packed with learning experiences and meaningful opportunities. Everything we do is intentional and purposeful. 

We use the Scholastics Big Day PreK curriculum, which is based on three meaningful experiences to be offered each day. These can vary from writing, social studies, math, science, health, socio-emotional focus, alphabet knowledge, real-aloud, and varied activities.

Here we go!

Upon arrival, the parents help their children wash their hands, then they meet me at the carpet. There's where we do our greeting, attendance, BIG EXPERIENCE #1, and where we start our day. This portion of the day lasts about 15 minutes.

We check our schedule and line up and get ready for recess. Each time we check our schedule, I flip the pictures to its blank side. After 30 minutes of recess, we come back to the classroom to wash hands.

Breakfast is ready for us! We promote healthy eating, trying new foods, and meaningful conversations at our family-style breakfast time. This portion of our day lasts 25 minutes. Followed by.....hand washing.....again! I know...we wash our hands a LOT!

As they wash hands they meet me at the carpet for our BIG EXPERIENCE #2. This portion of our day lasts another 15 minutes and beside the lesson of the day, it may also include a song, music and movement activity, or finger play.

Small groups instruction comes next, this is our BIG EXPERIENCE #3. This is where the bilingual component of our program comes into place. We check for comprehension in their students' home language for another 15 minutes.

Centers time is next! Our favorite part of our day! During this hour, the students explore the different learning centers available as they learn and apply the concepts learned during the BIG EXPERIENCES. They also practice and develop their socio-emotional skills, problem solving skills, and develop other life skills. 

We take a few extra minutes to clean-up. Sometimes we use more than just a few minutes; we are trying had each day to follow our classroom expectations!

***It is important to mention that we allow time during transitions and hand washing.***

We do a quick meeting at the carpet one more time (10 minutes) to wrap up our day and say good-bye to our friends! We line up again to gather backpacks and papers and head home!.

After we're done! Teachers get ready again to receive our other class in the afternoon!

Thank you for hanging in there with this long post! 

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Learning Centers in PreK


After several years using the same classroom management system for our learning centers, I'm trying something new!

This system allows students to make choices and problem solve.

We start like the photo below. All the students' names are on hands cutouts on a small pocket chart. Once it's time for centers they can make the choice to go and play. The classroom centers has clearly labeled learning centers with wording and picture.

The writing center has space for two students. Here are two of 
my students writing and drawing. Look below where they have placed 
(Velcro'd) their names on the provided space. 
The space available is located on the side of the furniture.

This was the very first day this system was introduced. Look at my kiddos enjoying the blocks center.  This specific center has space for 4 students. At the moment there's only 3, it means one more student can join them.

The same here at the Lego table. Two friends can play here at the same time.

Here's the most popular center in the house - dramatic play! This has 
been a girls' favorite since day one! It has space for 4 friends, 
and it always has the 4 friends!

What can we do if I want to play there? Well, the students get a 
3-minute sand timer and let the people at the center he or she is 
waiting for her turn. We are still working on this but we are off to a great start.

The computer center has the Velcro placed above each computer. 
We have three classroom's computers and usually the program we 
use lasts 12-15 minutes per session.

Once center's time is over, they are encouraged to clean up their areas, put their names back on the pocket chart, and meet me at the carpet.

Sometimes it takes lots of repetition for some students, sometimes it requires shadowing some to ensure the student understands the concept, and other times it just flows wonderfully. We have been in all of the above!

Now, some of my students are able to remind those who are still struggling, and even show them where they can play! It makes my teacher heart happy!

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Birthday board

Hello friends,

Birthdays are a very special occasion for children, especially the younger ones. I have created a birthday board in my classroom to celebrate their special day.

And here's how I did it. I cut chalkboard papers into flags and used them downward, then created a border with chalk markers (my new favorite!), and hole punched holes at the top.

Using a clear cup I proceeded to circle around my kiddos' faces to 
have a nice circled picture.

Each student had a flag with their name, picture and day of birth!

I hung it up on a classroom wall as a banner. And here's the final product!

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Currently: August 2015

Hello August!

I have joined Oh Boy 4th grade! for her monthly link party!

Baseball.....again! Baseball season is pretty serious in this household. I take baseball over football any day! Red Socks vs Yankees, top of the 7th.

IN.LOVE with my new school placement. The team is supportive and we share the same work's going to be a great year!

Thinking about the future! Evaluating serious decision about going back to school for a second MA degree or change courses onto a different area in education.... decisions, decisions!

Ever since I watch a video about how to use OSMO in the classroom, I've been wanting to purchase one for my classroom. 

I really need to start using my new EC planner. I purchased it a couples months ago and I haven't use it. Can you believe that?!

Teacher goodies! Surprise!!!

That's all folks!

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