Classroom Reveal!

Hello there!

I am super excited to show you all our PreK classroom! This beautiful room is visited by 44 students each day (24 in the morning session and 20 in the afternoon). And here we go!

Let's start with a view from our playground door. In here you can see our art and creative area and play dough , in the back we have our most popular - dramatic play area, followed by our meeting area.

This is the view from our main door (where I should have started....oh well) The first thing you see is the classroom library - we rotate books according to the theme we are studying at the moment. Math on the right side; manipulative area in the back shelf, and computers and writing area on the back wall.

This large group area serves as the space for block play and construction when it's learning centers time. Each student sits on a specific leaf, the teacher sits on the tree trunk

This is our science corner. It houses the sensory table - which we also have available sensory items based on the theme we are studying.

This is the social-emotional area. When a child is sad or is having a behavior challenge, the child is encouraged to visit this area. In here we have books for different situations such as following instructions, sharing, making friends, and classroom expectations books. In here you can also find mirrors to help students see themselves in different situations.
Besides books we have sand timers - these help the students learn to take and wait for turns, as well regulate behavior. Cuddly pillows and stuffed animals are also available to comfort when feeling sad.
This area helps tremendously when a child is feeling sad, misses their parents, or upset by any reason.  This area is used throughout the school year, but mostly at the beginning of the school year and upon returning extended breaks.

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