Currently: August 2015

Hello August!

I have joined Oh Boy 4th grade! for her monthly link party!

Baseball.....again! Baseball season is pretty serious in this household. I take baseball over football any day! Red Socks vs Yankees, top of the 7th.

IN.LOVE with my new school placement. The team is supportive and we share the same work's going to be a great year!

Thinking about the future! Evaluating serious decision about going back to school for a second MA degree or change courses onto a different area in education.... decisions, decisions!

Ever since I watch a video about how to use OSMO in the classroom, I've been wanting to purchase one for my classroom. 

I really need to start using my new EC planner. I purchased it a couples months ago and I haven't use it. Can you believe that?!

Teacher goodies! Surprise!!!

That's all folks!

Keep learning!


  1. An Osmo does look so cool! I'm sure the kids would love it! So glad you are in a great school environment! Have a great year!
    Inquiring Our Way Through Third Grade

  2. A second MA degree?! Why not just go for your doctorate? I just bought my first EC planner too!! It comes in the mail this week! Squeee! Awesome blog!

    The Whimsical Teacher

  3. I LOVE my EC planner. I started adding stuff as soon as I took it out of the box :) I will have to admit, I have a slight planner obsession! There are a ton of blog post on pinterest about ways to add to and make the EC planner work even better in the classroom! Have a great year!

    Fabulous Fun in Grade 1