Learning Centers in PreK


After several years using the same classroom management system for our learning centers, I'm trying something new!

This system allows students to make choices and problem solve.

We start like the photo below. All the students' names are on hands cutouts on a small pocket chart. Once it's time for centers they can make the choice to go and play. The classroom centers has clearly labeled learning centers with wording and picture.

The writing center has space for two students. Here are two of 
my students writing and drawing. Look below where they have placed 
(Velcro'd) their names on the provided space. 
The space available is located on the side of the furniture.

This was the very first day this system was introduced. Look at my kiddos enjoying the blocks center.  This specific center has space for 4 students. At the moment there's only 3, it means one more student can join them.

The same here at the Lego table. Two friends can play here at the same time.

Here's the most popular center in the house - dramatic play! This has 
been a girls' favorite since day one! It has space for 4 friends, 
and it always has the 4 friends!

What can we do if I want to play there? Well, the students get a 
3-minute sand timer and let the people at the center he or she is 
waiting for her turn. We are still working on this but we are off to a great start.

The computer center has the Velcro placed above each computer. 
We have three classroom's computers and usually the program we 
use lasts 12-15 minutes per session.

Once center's time is over, they are encouraged to clean up their areas, put their names back on the pocket chart, and meet me at the carpet.

Sometimes it takes lots of repetition for some students, sometimes it requires shadowing some to ensure the student understands the concept, and other times it just flows wonderfully. We have been in all of the above!

Now, some of my students are able to remind those who are still struggling, and even show them where they can play! It makes my teacher heart happy!

Keep learning!

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