Owen Blanket Activity

Hello there!

We are about to finish our fourth week of school and first week of our Big Day PreK curriculum. One of the books for our first week is Owen

I'm sure you all know this cute yellow, fuzzy blanket story. Well, my kiddos loved this story. Many of them related as they talked about their special blanket or cuddly they have at home.

After reading the story, I brought three different kinds of blankets into the classroom and laid them in the middle of our circle. Each blanket had a different color, size, texture, and feeling to it.

The students had opportunities to use their imagination and use the blankets in an unusual way - just like Owen did in the story. 

We closed our large group activity by having a "picnic at the park" with some friends!
Later during the day, the blankets were available to continue using their imagination. A group of boys were pretending to be giant rocks they had to step on to avoid the hot lava!
In here, they were turtles inside their shells.
This a great way to start with our Big Day Prek curriculum. We plan to end our week by having a pretend picnic/tea party under our playground tree!

Keep learning!

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