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Here's my contribution! I will bring you today our classroom photo schedule. This is a critical part of our daily routine. My kiddos know what we're doing and what we'll do next. Consistency, routine, and high expectations are key to a successful program.

We provide a school district, three-hour HIGH QUALITY program! Those three hours are packed with learning experiences and meaningful opportunities. Everything we do is intentional and purposeful. 

We use the Scholastics Big Day PreK curriculum, which is based on three meaningful experiences to be offered each day. These can vary from writing, social studies, math, science, health, socio-emotional focus, alphabet knowledge, real-aloud, and varied activities.

Here we go!

Upon arrival, the parents help their children wash their hands, then they meet me at the carpet. There's where we do our greeting, attendance, BIG EXPERIENCE #1, and where we start our day. This portion of the day lasts about 15 minutes.

We check our schedule and line up and get ready for recess. Each time we check our schedule, I flip the pictures to its blank side. After 30 minutes of recess, we come back to the classroom to wash hands.

Breakfast is ready for us! We promote healthy eating, trying new foods, and meaningful conversations at our family-style breakfast time. This portion of our day lasts 25 minutes. Followed by.....hand washing.....again! I know...we wash our hands a LOT!

As they wash hands they meet me at the carpet for our BIG EXPERIENCE #2. This portion of our day lasts another 15 minutes and beside the lesson of the day, it may also include a song, music and movement activity, or finger play.

Small groups instruction comes next, this is our BIG EXPERIENCE #3. This is where the bilingual component of our program comes into place. We check for comprehension in their students' home language for another 15 minutes.

Centers time is next! Our favorite part of our day! During this hour, the students explore the different learning centers available as they learn and apply the concepts learned during the BIG EXPERIENCES. They also practice and develop their socio-emotional skills, problem solving skills, and develop other life skills. 

We take a few extra minutes to clean-up. Sometimes we use more than just a few minutes; we are trying had each day to follow our classroom expectations!

***It is important to mention that we allow time during transitions and hand washing.***

We do a quick meeting at the carpet one more time (10 minutes) to wrap up our day and say good-bye to our friends! We line up again to gather backpacks and papers and head home!.

After we're done! Teachers get ready again to receive our other class in the afternoon!

Thank you for hanging in there with this long post! 

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