Five for Friday {{10/02/15}}

YAY for Friday....and Saturday!

I have been on Fall break since October 18th, and sadly it has come to an end. This Five for Friday will be about everything that has happened during the break.

Click on the image to join the fun with the wonderful Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

I'm on break.....but the work doesn't stop!
I've been doing DRDP assessments during the craziness going on in our house right now.

We purchased our new home three weeks ago. And we are putting new flooring, in the entire looks like a war zone!
This is a peek of where my office will be!

Our new quarter begins on Tuesday and with that comes new goals, new projects, and new ideas!

This would be my favorite of the favorites! My parents came to visit us! They are being awesome in helping to move furniture, unpacking, and helping with the girls!

In all that craziness, you MUST stop and enjoy the sunset!

Keep learning!

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