Trick or Treating Safety!

Hello PKP friends,

Today is the first day of October! That means we have 30 more days for Halloween!!! I love this holiday! I personally love the parents and children's imagination that's put into those elaborated and well-thought costumes. I still remember a few years ago one of my students was wearing a very nice sparkly dress with a silver suitcase with  number on it - she was dressed up as a model from the game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire! It was so clever!! 

With all of the celebration there's also certain safety rules we all need to explain our kids and most importantly is to explain the reasoning behind it. Is not that we want to ruin their fun, we just want them to have a great time and be safe at the same time.

This is a very special post! In collaboration with Norm Reeves Honda we provide you with a very cute infographic about Trick or Treating Safety Tips.

"As the keeper of the candy
and the parent of the small,
these tips will come in handy
for the safety of one and all"

Now I just need to start thinking about my own costume. Maybe a princess, or a witch, or a pirate, or a many choices!

Keep learning!

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