Quotes that Inspire!.......and a FREEBIE!

Hello there!

As teachers and educators one of our main goals is to inspire children one way or another. We have inspirational quotes in our classroom, maybe on a sticky in your car, in the teacher lounge room, the gym, and even in your Pinterest boards (......I know you do ;) Inspirational quotes are everywhere!

Sometimes they just speak to us when we need them the most! This is a peek of this month's inspirational quote of my #bulletjournal

"Wake up with determination. 
Go to bed with satisfaction".

This is a very special post! In collaboration with Norm Reeves Honda we provide you with a very inspirational infographic of MLK, Jr.

To continue inspiring you....grab this FREEBIE!

Keep learning and inspire others!


New Year, New Small Groups

Hello friends,

We regularly set our groups right after initial assessments. Our groups can be based on skills or levels, behavior (yeah, this is a big one!), if I put him on this group it means she must be in a different group - kind of thing!, English proficiency, and many other factors. 

Well, my groups have been arraigned and after a lot of though and consideration, I have placed my 24 students in three different groups (based on all the factors above mentioned!).

We are lucky to have 3 teachers in the classroom! Three bilingual teachers! Each teacher has a group of 8 students that I have carefully selected. When it's time for us to do journaling, the journals are color-coded and labeled by groups: red, green, and blue. Once they learn how to properly use their journals, they will be able to access them on their own based on their group color.

And this is what I did!

Using color coding circle labels, I was able to place them on the spine of the notebooks (cut in half) along with the student's name. 
I placed clear packing tape on top to secure it.

This view is from the inside (back cover) of the journals. Using a thin ribbon, I cut around 5-6 inches long and secure it with duct tape on the inside part of the back cover. This system will save you time!
Using this little ribbon is easy. Once the student finish using the journal, will turn the page and place the ribbon and close it! The next time, the student will only have find the ribbon and open the journal.
This will avoid skipping pages and save time!

This is my final product! I place all my journals on a plastic crate for easy access. When the student learn their group color -  
the placement of the name AND color-code will help find it easily!

Keep learning,


Currently: Happy New Year 2016!

Hello January!

I have joined Oh Boy 4th grade! for her monthly linky party! The first one of this new year 2016!

We said good-bye to the 2015 with a bonfire, roastings marshmallows and making s'mores. It's all about making memories and traditions with our family! As I'm typing, hubby is chopping away the Christmas tree to use as firewood for the fire pit. Gotta recycle ;)

This is one of the many perks of having an all-year-round school schedule - we get three-week winter vacation. I've been relaxing, hanging out with the family and working a little as well.

Thinking, thinking a lot! I really, really have to make time to start exercising once again. I used to exercise 5 days and LOVED IT! I really miss it and it's a priority.

I will be changing our classroom dramatic play area into an Animal Center for our unit on Imagination. Can't wait to introduce it to my students!

I need a new planner! I love the convenience of having a smart phone where I can note my events and make checklists but there's something about writing it down (using flair pens of course) that makes it unique!
Well, I am always searching for planners, it's kinda an obsession with all stationary! I know......#teacherproblems

E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N This words means the world to me. It means the constant change to grow as a person and as a teacher, to have high aspirations, goals and plans. To embrace the future with positivism and be open to new experiences and opportunities!