5 Things I Love in the Classroom

Happy Valentine's Day!

Because today is Valentine's Day, I've decided to made a list of the five things I love in my classroom.
This list was difficult to come up with. I can honestly say I am very pleased and happy in this school placement and with my team!

Here some of the things I love and are my favorites in the classroom:

Thanks to the good people who donated through Donors Choose we have Boogie Boards writing tables in our classroom, and we LOVE them! 
We've been using Boogie Boards for writing our names, letters, numbers, drawing shapes, writing sight words, and much more!

I've been discussing this wonderful assessment collection application with some fellow PreK teachers on social media, Learning Genie. This system allows you to collect, organize and grade the data you've collected, involve parents and go paperless......wonderful, isn't it?!

As I am in my post assessment period, it has been a truly life sand time saving for me and some of my district's PreK teachers as well. If you teach at a day care facility, preschool, or PreK , don't miss the opportunity to check it out!

I can't stress enough how versatile and useful these instructional cubes have been in my classroom. I use these for music and movement (one cube for child-appropriate exercises such as jumping jacks, hops, etc and another one with numbers), sight words, numbers and words, and another two-thousand activities! 

Chart holders! I LOVE chart holders! I have several in different sizes. There were very easy to prepare and very inexpensive - using PVC pipes and connectors.
I regularly use them for two-column classification, reading predictive sentences, and more!

This one is not directly related to my classroom but it makes my heart happy. My little blog PreK Partner. I feel so humble for all our my readers' support and words of encouragement. It is amazing how almost three years ago I began this blog as a way to record my teaching experiences and adventures and never though it could be as powerful as it is for me and followers.

Thank you!!!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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