Sock Donuts Tutorial

Hello friends,

As I prepare for the transformation of our dramatic play area into a bakery I decided to make some of the props myself. After several days of research, the few no-sew versions were complicated.....and sewing was involved ;) I finally found a version I liked - and here's my interpretation!

First of all you need to gather your materials - which you'd probably have around the house. I purchased a few pair of men socks at my local dollar store. Don't be afraid of using patterns, it makes the donuts colorful and interesting! You will also need colorful felt pieces, a hot glue gun, and fabric paint.

The first step is to cut along the toes part.

Flip the sock outside in, and begin rolling starting from the toes. 
By the heel part, you may want to pull a little bit to make it smoother.

Hot glue the very end of the sock. 
Don't worry about the glue part, the felt will be covering it.

Cut the icing part of the donut and a hole in the middle. 
Hot glue to the glue part of the sock.

Mix and match patterns, colors, textures, and have fun decorating! 
The cookie sheet was also from the dollar store. 

Keep learning and creating!

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