Easter eggs and a FREEBIE!

Hello there!

Some of you have already started (or finished) spring break. Well, I am 3 days away from a two-week well-deserved break! 

In my classroom we LOVE Gak! I've decided to make it a tradition and send a Gak-filled egg home right before spring break - and my kiddos love it! I blogged about it a couple of years ago, but this one is even better!

This is the recipe I follow.

One important note: try to find eggs or easter containers without holes in them. If they do have holes, a tiny bit of hot glue will do!.

Once I filled all of the eggs, I put each one inside a sandwich-size baggie. I created this cute tag which I stapled on top of the bag.

This is the final product!

Grab the FREE gift tag {{HERE}}.

Happy Spring Break!!!

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