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Hello PKP fans!

Today I will be sharing with you some tips I consider very important to have a successful parent teacher conference - either as a teacher or as a parent.

Having two daughters myself, one of them in high school, I have attended quite a few conferences. My 12 years of experience as a teacher also has given me mental notes on do's and don'ts.

My #1 tip is the most important for me: BE POSITIVE!
Assure parents your ultimate goal for the student is to succeed and develop a love for learning. During the conference, highlight all the wonderful qualities and efforts of the student. Of course you will be addressing areas of improvement, but focus on the positive!

Students have different areas of strengths and areas of improvement, we all know that! So, when addressing an area of improvement such as {the student struggles in writing because the small-motor skills need more development} you can also add {.....and this is what I'm doing in the classroom to help him}. At the same time encourage parents to do the same at home.

I just can't stress this enough! Preparation is key for a successful conference. Being prepared will allow you to use your conference time productively.  Have all of your documentation, work samples, folders, journals, forms to be signed, progress reports, resources to be sent home, and even pens and sticky notes at arms reach! It will save you time, will reduce the stress levels (for parents and teachers), as well you will have time to share everything on your checklist.

Talking about checklists... for several years now I have been creating a checklist to use as a guide when meeting with parents. This checklist is only for my eyes, I do not share this with parents. It guides my conference as I divide my conference time wisely and don't forget any important  topics to discuss.

These are my actual fall and spring checklists I use during my conferences. Both checklists are pretty similar, only changing key discussion topics based on the time of year.

The parent teacher conference is part of my 100+ pages of my Editable and Bilingual Conference Packet. Click on the picture below for more information.

Grab the EDITABLE conference checklist by clicking on the picture!

Keep learning!


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