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I've been teaching preschool-age children for 11 years. I have tried over a dozen of data collection systems to save my students work samples for assessments. I have tried file cabinets, individual portfolios in binders, pocket folders, envelopes, storage boxes, plastic crates, and many others. At the time these systems seemed to be working for me, until it was time to update the information - from one assessment period to the next. My boxes/folder/envelopes/crates became heavier and heavier, papers would get torn and sometimes ripped, papers would fall out of folders.....you got the picture. Then I started researching for electronic versions for data collection. The few systems I found did not really meet my needs because those were not specific for my state and the type of assessment I use.....and I found myself back to square one :(

A year ago a teacher-friend introduced me to Learning Genie and I can honestly say it has revolutionized the way I store my students data, the way I score, the way I communicate with parents, and the amount of time and money I spend.
Learning Genie is an evidence-based electronic portfolio and assessment tool that makes teachers' lives easier. This tool meets the needs of teachers, parents and caregivers, program directors, as well as children - making the scoring process accurate and objective. I truly appreciate the best practices recommendations from teachers and professionals offered to parents.

The best part is that I can work from my iPhone, iPad or my computer. Android users can also access the website an app. I personally prefer to use my iPad because is where I store all of my photos and work samples.

This is how Learning Genie works:

Once you create your teacher's account, you can input your students or retrieve them from a third-source, in my case DRDPTech. In California we use the Desired Results Developmental Profile that ranges from early infancy, preschool to school-age students. The website also allows you to select your state and the frameworks you use.

Each child will have a folder to start collecting data according to specific areas of assessment. Photos and videos can be collected as well!

Once data has been collected it's time to score it. A window pops up showing all of the possible developmental levels for that specific area of assessment.

The interactive sharing tool definitely closes the gap between school and home. The picture above shows an example of media sharing. Type the book title o songs you'd like to share, write a note for parents, and this learning experience will continue at home! I think this feature will put an end to the infamous "I didn't do anything at school" answer parents get at the end of the day :)

This is my personal favorite! Creating reports is done in just a couple of clicks! I will definitely will be using these reports during my parent teacher conferences. It shows all of the areas of assessments, the developmental levels, and the work sample and observation notes used for scoring. These also can go in the students' files when they move up to the next age-group class or kindergarten.

Like me, several of the teachers in my school district are thankful 
for this tool and this is what they have to say:

Mrs. O. "I really like the feature that tells you the progress. The portfolio status tells you what measures are observed, rated, and the ones to be completed".

Mrs. R. "I like to be able to see all of the evidence in one place during scoring. It saves me time and everything is organized in one place".

Mrs. M. "I like the ability to quickly go to a specific student for a specific area to refer to. I can downloaded into my computer and print if I need to".

Keep learning!

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