Learning Centers Blog Hop Series: ART

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Welcome to the continuation of the Learning Centers Blog Hop Series. 
This time we bring to you the Art Center.

 The art center in my classroom looks like a war zone a magical place where creativity and imagination meet! The art center is where my students feel free to create, experiment with lectures, colors, unconventional materials, recyclables, and many other available materials.
My favorite part of this learning center is the art wall. I purchased several picture frames at the local thrift store, sprayed paint them, screw them onto the wall and done! Each week we highlight different art work on our picture frames. This provoke children to be creative and have their work displayed on the wall!

Young children feel a sense accomplishment and satisfaction when they are involved in making art, whether they are modeling with play dough   drawing with crayons, pointing  or making a collage from recyclable materials. This feeling of satisfaction comes from the ability to make independent choices over the materials they use and the decisions they make in regards of what the child is creating. Through art, children develop a sense of self, they learn to identify themselves and what the look like. Children learn to appreciate others as well as identify physical similarities and differences among peers.

This is a great learning center to develop a sense of cause and effect. What would happen if I mix blue and yellow? What could happen if I place these craft sticks on top of the play dough?  Children take risks and explore the large range of possibilities available for them.

 The materials available in the art center have no limit. In m classroom I incorporate seasonal materials in the art center such as pinecones and leaves during the fall; plastic eggs and grass during spring; plastic ornaments, Christmas decorations and scented dough during winter.

Materials that we keep year long are: variety of markers, crayons, colored pencils, pastels, chalk and other writing tools, scissors, glue, a variety of tapes, papers whole punchers, water colors, paint, tempera and finger paint, recyclable items such as bottle caps, wine corks, small empty boxes (soap size), paper towel rolls, and tissue papers among other recyclables.

My role in this learning center is to provide my students with materials and create opportunities. The teacher must ask the correct questions to promote engagement and imagination. Questions like: Can you tell me about your work? How did you feel when you created this?  - can start a meaningful conversation, boost the child's self-esteem, and motivate to be creative. By providing traditional and unconventional materials that spark their imagination, and providing an inviting environment - children naturally will gravitate towards this leaning center and will explore at their own pace on their own terms.

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