Learning Centers Blog Hop Series: Dramatic Play

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One more learning center to explore! Our blog hop has been an inspiration for many and we are honored to be a source of inspiration for many teachers out there.

Isn't dramatic play THE most popular and anticipated center of all times?? I think it is! But old are the days in which there was the kitchen with the pots and pans, plates and cups, and a few baby dolls. Dramatic play in early childhood has transformed into magical places where little learners let their imagination run wild and transform into anything they'd like to be!

At this time of year, my dramatic play area has turned into a Pumpkin Patch. We have a variety of real pumpkins to explore and pretend play with.

This is a photo of the center in action. Our fall leaves are everywhere - even inside the refrigerator! The indian corn may be inside the cash register....who knows! What I know is that my children are engaged, they are practicing social skills, they are solving issues and problems with peers, they are using their imagination, and they are socializing with one another.

We have a variety of real pumpkins in our pumpkin patch. we also have plastic and foam pumpkins, Indian corn, gourds, pie pans, spatulas, rolling pins, small serving plates, aprons for our little bakers, and a cash register in which you can pay for your pies!

We have a variety of multicultural posters showing how different people around the world celebrate this season, typical foods and traditions.

I consider my role in this learning center to provide the children the experience. The experiences of knowing what is like carve a pumpkin and explore its insides, to expose them to a language-rich environment and use those "big words" into our daily conversations.

Keep learning!

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Keep learning!

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