Learning Centers Blog Hop Series: Computer & Technology

Hello there!

Our learning center for this week is Computer and Technology. I am well aware of the many opinions of electronics usage in young children. BUT, the reality is that young children are being constantly exposed to technology and a variety of screen time: television, tablets and iPads, cellphones, electronic games, and many more.
It is my goal to use the classroom screen-time as 
interactive and educational as possible!

My Computer and Tech learning center is simple. The computers are located in a quiet area of my classroom - away from the noisy and busiest learning centers like the dramatic play and blocks centers.

These are the educational websites we use in the classroom:

Besides computers, we have an iPad, an iPod touch, a listening center, and some awesome Boogie Boards - which I obtained through Donor's Choose!

Our, Big Day PreK Curriculum also have a feature that allows parents to read at home some of the books we read in the classroom. We play these books in the classroom as well.

Technology plays an important part in our early learners' education. The use and mastery of technology is NOT our ultimate goal in the classroom. We promote the appropriate use of technology in the classroom. Our main goal is to expand, enrich, implement, individualize, differentiate, and extend our learning experiences. 

If any learning center needs the teacher's support I'd would say is this one! Technology must be interactive - with the technological equipment and with a human being! In this learning center, my role is to sit next to my students and engage them in conversations, promote critical thinking, and interact with them and the program they are working on. Those 15 minutes of screen time they have daily in my classroom are about enriching and integrating activities that support the learning happening during that day.

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