Photo Ornaments

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We're done with Thanksgiving and Black Friday.....that means....Christmas season has official started!

When my high schooler was in third grade she came home with a similar ornament. I just LOVED IT! It was so unique and special I just fell in love with it. 7 years later, it still hangs on my Christmas tree every single year. My goal is to have our Christmas tree decorated only with dozens and dozens of these ornaments with pictures of family members and special memories of our day!

Here are the details to create these ornaments for your students or for your family.

The first thing you need to do is find out the size of the ornaments you will be using. The ones I use are clear plastic 2.5" diameter. I purchased these ones at Michael's for less than $10.

The next step is to take the photos you'd want and print them on transparency paper. If you don't have any on hand - you can send your documents to any office supplies store and have them done for you. This is a very inexpensive way to complete this project.

When your document is uploaded, select the Transparency option on the paper type box. 

This is what I do and they double-check my order is accurate!

Once your document is printed, you will cut them out. I personally like to use the 2.5" circle puncher. I place the hole-punch and I turn it upside down to make sure it will cut right along the border of the photo.

Remove the top part of the ornament. Once the photo is cut, roll it and insert it in the ornament. It just pops open once you let go of it. I also add some fake snow to complement the winter-y feel. Give it its final touches with a cute ribbon  - I use the same ribbon to hang it from the tree as well.

And this is how you create a photo ornament.

Here are three different size template to download and create your photo ornaments.

Keep learning!

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