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I've seen all over social media how many teachers are curious about other's schedule, as I am as well. We always try to improve our teaching time with our students and the schedule plays a critical part of our day. Even though I have two clocks in the classroom, when I forget to wear my watch I feel lost! Being on-time is very important to me. I only have 180 minutes with my students each day and I want to take advantage of each one of those minutes.

I teach two-half days classes of 44 students altogether. Our first session is 3 hours and the second session is 3.5 hours (the only difference if the program funding). Those 3 hours are packed with learning activities, learning opportunities, explorations, problem solving opportunities, socialization, hands-on learning, individualized instruction, small groups rotations, assessments, and observations.

I would like to share with an infographic 
of my teacher schedule.

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