Classroom Organization: Computer

Hello there!

This is week#2 of the 2017 Classroom Organization Challenge Series. I've joined the wonderful Tami at Teaching and Learning with Preschoolers and Kate at Fun in ECSE in the computer organization challenge.

It wasn't until a few years ago I learned you can physically organize your computer desktop....and it has been a blessing!

I was able to create a desktop template in which I can physically create areas to house my many, many folders. It has been so much easier to find things and it's visually more appealing.

You can grab this FREE desktop organizer by clicking the picture.

Well, now the desktop has been taken care of. Now it's time to tackle a larger clipart folders! Although I own a small fortune of clipart, borders and digital papers, TpT products, and fonts......I can never find anything and always end up downloading it again from TpT.

Recently, I can across this wonderful product that has saved my sanity. The talented Ashley at Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd created an organizer for all of your TpT purchases.

I simply added a preview of the product along with a code I created which the actual product is renamed under (in specific folders), and now I know where every product is. I have everything in a binder, accessible and ready for my next creation!

Did you know I own 50+ alphabet activities and over one hundred sets of digital paper?!?! I didn't either! 

Share with us how you organize your computer and your e-files.

Keep learning!


  1. I'm loving how you are organizing your TpT products. What a time saver. I too always go back to TpT and download again because I can never find the needed clipart I am looking for.

    1. Many times I've said "oh, I need to have this" and ....I already own it!

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