Classroom Organization: Students' Portfolios

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This is week#3 of the 2017 Classroom Organization Challenge Series. Once again, I've joined  Tami at Teaching and Learning with Preschoolers and Kate at Fun in ECSE in the students' portfolio organization challenge.

Teachers spend tons of resources, money, and time putting portfolios together, either for assessments or for end-of-year present for students. Students' portfolio are done in a variety of ways. Binders, folders, boxes, clipboards, and my favorite is........electronic!

I've been using Learning Genie electronic portfolio for several years now and I absolutely love it! I save photos as assessment evidence, those same photos are uploaded into the album feature and this is what you get! The best part, it's FREE, for classrooms of 30 students or less. Amazing!

Having all of your portfolio contents in an electronic form, gives teachers the freedom to work from anywhere. Everything you need for your students would be at your fingertips. Each student has an electronic file the can be access from anywhere. You would be able to upload, and label your collected data easily.

I also use this portfolio assessment. It allows you to track progress and development, three times per year.

This assessment can be done electronically or printed and share with parents during conferences. Click on the picture for more information.

Keep learning!

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